"MODERATE REHAB" Property Listings

* Notice to Purchasers:
The Cleveland Housing Network is offering affordable homes for sale in Pre-Existing/AS Condtion to Income Eligible Residents that will be Owner Occupants. Eligible buyers will assume a City of Cleveland 0% deferred second mortgage that significantly reduces out of pocket expense. The 2nd deferred mortgage has no payments and has to be repaid if the home is resold or refinanced. Below is the schedule of Your Cost and the available City loans:
House TypeCity Loan    Total
Newer Construction Mod-Rehab Home= Your Cost+ $10,000   0%-Deferred Loan  = Total Price
Pre-Existing Mod-Rehab Home= Your Cost+ $5,000   0%-Deferred Loan  = Total Price
For Property Showings, please contact our Sales Center at 216-774-2424
NeighborhoodAddressYour Cost# of UnitsSq. FootageBed/BathStyleView Photo/Details
Glenville621 E 115$15,500.00 *114164/2Colonial